Domestic Visual Condition Reports

The Domestic Visual Condition Report, is designed for customers who require a quick check of their fixed wiring at a competitive price. It is not as thorough as an Electrcal Installation Condition Report. Thus, property owners with any doubt regarding the suitability of this service should instead request a full EICR. However, the simple nature and low cost of this report means it generally meets the needs of many homeowners and landlords where an EICR is still in force.

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What’s Involved?

Tests carried out during the domestic visual condition report include:

  • Inspection of Consumer Unit, Including MCB/Fuse Ratings, Condition, Labelling, Suitability for a Domestic Property, and Identification of Circuits in Need of Testing
  • Checking the Operation of Consumer Unit Isolation Switch; Checking MCB (if Any) Operation
  • Checking the Main RCD Operation Using the Test Button(s)
  • Visually Checking All Easily Accessible Power Points, Switches, Flex Outlets, and Electrical Fittings for Damage and Condition
  • Testing the Phase Wiring on a Selection of Accessible Sockets (13-amp Square Pin Only)
  • Measuring the Main RCD Trip Times under Various Conditions; Confirming They Are Within the Required Limits (Measured from a 13-amp Square Pin Socket)
  • Measuring the Actual RCD Trip Current (Measured from a 13-amp Square Pin Socket)
  • Measuring and Checking that the Earth Loop Impedance is within the Required Limit (For All Easily Accessible 13-amp Square Pin Sockets)
  • Checking that a Sample Light Switch on Each Identified Lighting Circuit has a Protective Earth Connected
  • Checking for the Presence of an Earth Connection on Showers, Bathroom Radiators, and Taps

Following the inspection, we will present a summary report before recommending a suitable remedial works and an interval until the next inspection.