Ohme ePod and Pro EV Chargers

Ohme EV chargers are designed to make charging your vehicle quick, simple and effective.


The Ohme Home Pro charger is a great option for home installations. Featuring a tethered Type 2 cable of 5 or 8 metres in length and a clear LCD screen, charging is made simple and easy. Combining the Ohme Home Pro with the Intelligent Octopus Tariff allows users to charge their car at a highly discounted rate with green energy whilst benefitting from smart scheduling features.


The Ohme ePod shares the same advanced technology and seamless energy tariff integration as the Ohme Home Pro. However, the ePod offers a more compact, untethered design providing the option to connect type 1 or type 2 charging cables. Like the Home Pro, the ePod allows you to manage your charging effortlessly through the user-friendly Ohme App or directly via front-facing buttons.

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