Commercial Condition Reports

NJS Limited has completed commercial condition reports for many local businesses, ranging from small shops with a single circuit board and a dozen circuits to large, multi-site companies with several boards of every size.

When required, we will try to arrange testing to be completed out-of-hours, avoiding disruption of the daily operations of your business. Don’t hesitate to get in touch today for a free assessment and written quote.

What’s Included?

Some of the tests carried out during the condition report include:

  • Inspection of the Main and Sub-Distribution Boards Unit; Including MCB/Fuse Ratings, Condition, Labelling, Suitability for Location and Load, and Identification of Circuits in Need of Testing
  • Checking the Operation of the Circuit Boards Isolation Switch; Checking MCB (if Any) Operation
  • Checking the Main and Circuit RCD Operation using the Test Button(s) and Electronic Testing to BS7671 Requirements
  • Visually Checking All Easily Accessible Power Points, Switches, Flex Outlets, and Electrical Fittings for Damage and Condition
  • Testing the Phase Wiring on a Selection of Accessible Sockets
  • Measuring the Main RCD Trip Times Under Various Conditions and Confirming They Are Within Required Limits (Measured from a 13-amp Square Pin Socket)
  • Measuring the Actual RCD Trip Current (Measured from a 13-amp Square Pin Socket)
  • Measuring and Checking that the Earth Loop Impedance is within the Required Limit (For All Easily Accessible 13-amp Square Pin Sockets)
  • Checking that a Sample Light Switch on Each Identified Lighting Circuit has a Protective Earth Connected
  • Checking for the Presence of an Earth Connection on Showers, Bathroom Radiators, and Taps

Following the inspection, we will present a detailed, written report. This will include the recommended suitable interval before the next inspection.

CONTACT OUR electrical  contractors in Darlington, County Durham, for details about the inspection services we provide.